Brett McCoy (ex_idragosa) wrote in maryland_metal,
Brett McCoy

For Sale: Marshall JCM900 head + Legion 4x12 cabinet

I am selling my Marshall 100 watt half stack since I have decided to upgrade to Mesa Boogie gear (well, I am kjeeping my Marshall JCM800 combo). The head is a 100 watt JCM900 two channel, reverb... all tube, of course, with FX loop, master volume and tone controls. There is also a two-button footswitch for switching channels or turning reverb on and off. I have a box full of extra tubes for it which I will throw in also. Oh, the Marshall logo on the faceplate is missing, but don't worry, it is a real Marshall. If you like the classic 80s metal sounds of Mercyful Fate, Maiden, Yngwie, etc... this is the amp for you.

The 4x12 slant cabinet is made by Legion Music, and is wired for both mono and stereo. Don't know what kind of speakers are in it, I bought this brand new for about $150. It is closed back, covered with thick upholstery and has handles on the sides for carrying. Not as nice as a Marshall cabinet, but sounds pretty good for the price.

I'm willing to let the entire set go for $600.

Probably too big to ship, unless you want to pay for shipping, so best if this stays local (DC Area).
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