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Concert Review: Nachtmystium, The Hidden Hand & Sunn O)))

Last night (December 17) I went to Black Metal/Doom Metal concert at The Ottobar. It was the first time I attended such an concert.

First up was the Black Metal band Nachtmystium. They had the little fog machine and 3 stage flood lights going for it (red, blue and green each) to give it some dark atmosphere. And of course the band was decked out with a little death metal makeup (but not a lot). I could not hear a single note of vocals over the loud music during their performance. Normally I’m not into a lot of Black Metal music but this band was good. Damn good. They played masterfully. One thing I know about Black Metal music, the band members know their instruments. No second rate playing. If someone can’t play all that well, it will not work. I liked fact that Nachmystium did not play the same note over and over again. They change tempo on numerious occasions using their guitars. The two guitars players, played the guitar. They only played for 30 minutes or so. But they leave you wanting more. All in all I like Nachtmystium. I may just get some music by them. I'm impressed. Its the bands that you never heard of that you can be moved by and take notice of.

Next up on the stage was the doom metal band The Hidden Hand. I was not all that impressed by this band. They sound too progressive for my taste. The only thing they had in common with doom metal was the long song format. Their first song was 20 minutes. They had all the wrong look. The guitarist look liked he belong in the band Motorhead. The bass player looked liked he belonged in a 60’s band. And the drummer looked like he belonged in a jazz band. They did not look right. There was not enough doom metal in their music for me. I did not like this band all that much and I was not sorry to see them leave the stage.

Then, the time had come just 20 minutes after midnight for none other than Sunn O))). I and the audience had to wait for over 20 minutes for them to appear. Meanwhile, over some choral music music we watched the entire concert hall engulf in white fog by two fog machines which were time released. At the back of the stage was a large collection of amps and speakers. It filled the entire back stage wall. Three stage fog lamps added to the doomy atmosphere (on stage, not to mention the overhead stage lights).

Finally, Sunn O))) took the stage decked out in monk robes. Wow! Now thats doom metal presence for you. They got to their instruments and started to play. Man, Sunn O))) music was very, very, very, slow, dark, loud and heavy. And I had come to think that the Funeral Doom band Skepticism was the slowest doom metal band out there. I thought my eardrums where going to burst from all of the sound pressure from the speakers. And low bass hits you right to the bone and your organs as well. The music was very dark and ethereal. Sunn O))) played for almost an hour of continuous glorious doom metal music. No vocals just music.

But toward the end of the concert a male vocalist decked out in a monk robe (but with death metal makeup on) got up on to the stage and added some soft hissing vocals from time to time during the performance. Also a bald-headed half naked man in all white face and body makeup doing some writhing movements while the vocalist was on stage. Remember that the stage and hall was completely covered in white fog. I was on the balcony right above the stage and I could not see a soul on the main concert hall (much less the performers on stage) until the concert ended.

It was a masterful performance by Sunn O))). The darkest of eternal dark music. Music fit for Hell and Satan. HeHeHe ! Bravo. Not just a concert but an event. I like that. I had never experienced anything like this in my entire life. I'm glad I did. My first doom metal concert was magnificent. Long live Doom Metal. Doom Metal forever.
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